Swedish Massage
Muscles, tendons, fascia and ligaments are carefully manipulated to encourage relaxation during this ever-popular massage treatment...
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Deep Tissue / Sports Massage
If you'd like your therapist to work on even deeper layers of tension, choose a deep tissue massage. The Swedish technique...
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407 Pacific Coast Hwy,
Hermosa Beach
CA 90254
  Walk In or Call 1-310-406-2100 Touch has been used throughout the world for thousands of years to sooth, relax the body and mind. :-)

After visiting Perfect Body Massage you will be sleeping better, feeling rejuvenated and pain FREE. Relax and Enjoy our Friendly Staff.
read more Benefits of Professional Massage Therapy. Relieves Stress and Anxiety, Relaxes Muscles and Relives Pain, Lowers Heart Rate and Blood Pressure, Improve Circulation, Strengthen the Immune System.

Everyone Receives a FREE Face Massage with any Purchase! $50.00 1 Hour Full Body Massage Hot Towel, Hot Oil Rub Down 1-310-406-2100
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